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Shoe-watching on Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street: perhaps London’s most famous shoe-shopping location. Filmed during a lunch hour this seven and a half minute video observes the shoes of those passing through the popular location. The sheer diversity of styles, the sounds the shoes make and the ways in which people walk in them allude to the very special and significant relationship between footwear and identity. Who are these people? What do they do? Where are they from? Where are they going and where have they been? – all questions that pass through one’s mind when spending time really looking at the shoes people wear whilst going about their everyday lives.

To learn more about the relationship between identities and shoes visit the If the Shoe Fits research project website at the University of Sheffield, or click on the publication links on my publications page.

Putting shoes on show

In December last year I helped curate an exhibition in the ICOSS building at the University of Sheffield which showcased the research that had been conducted to-date for the research project If the Shoe Fits: Footwear, Identity and Transition.  The exhibition was aimed at communicating the aims and objectives of the project, along with a sample of the data gathered so far, to a wider audience.

I later assisted Jenny Hockey in writing a review built on an exhibition toolkit written by Hazel Burke as part of the ‘Real Life Methods’ programme at the University of Manchester. Those planning on setting up an exhibition to disseminate data, or those interested in seeing some images of our exhibition may be interested to read the review (left).

I also produced a brief observational film of people’s shoes on Carnaby Street in London to accompany the exhibition. To view the film click here.

‘All my Love’ – documentary filmed and edited by Alexandra Sherlock

In 2010, during my masters in Material and Visual Culture at UCL I completed a documentary filmmaking course. The resulting film was one of 5 selected from a class of 18 to be shown at the annual UCL film premiere screening.


An inspiring love story that focuses on Joan Cattanach’s memories of her 59 year marriage to her husband Sandy. The film documents the importance of objects and possessions in the development of life-long relationships and shows that while objects are essential in order to bond with others in life, their significance, rather than die with the physical body, continues as an important tangible way of connecting with loved ones after death.

To view the film (16 minutes) please click the link below.