Conference Paper: ‘Fashion, Exploring Critical Issues’, conference, Oxford, 22nd – 25th September 2011

In September 2010 I delivered a paper at the global fashion conference in Oxford. The paper ‘Footwear: Transcending the Mind-Body Dualism in Fashion Theory’ was based on my early PhD research in conjunction with a sample of the focus group data from the wider research project ‘If the Shoe Fits’. The paper was presented to over seventy delegates from around the world and was received with interest. If you would like to read it please click here. The full programme for the conference can be viewed on the website and my paper will also be available to read in the conference e-book which will be available in due course.

Update, 19th November 2012: the e-book has now been published and a PDF is available for £6.95. Please click here to be redirected to the publisher’s website.


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  1. This is a useful discussion of the difficulties in overcoming that mind-body dualism which manifests on many levels, including the theoretical- empirical divide. I especially appreciate the way Sherlock discusses Brydon’s academic embodiment as an ontology of its own, collapsing that argument in one deft stroke. (Where is the female in feminism today?)
    The study of shoes as both material and social objects is to link representation, image and experience with meanings and meaning-making, foregrounding the agency of the self without abandoning structure.
    All other approaches would seem to be like standing on one leg…

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